U.S. Managing Partner
E-mail: ramon@romeromiller.com

From a finance and media background Ramón landed in the wine field 10 years ago. Together with his wife Myriam and his family they started a state of the art winery in Navarra.

In only a couple of years their wines were being exported into 11 countries. That experience meant a lot to Ramón but he wanted to explore other areas of the business and decided to step down and join a new wine related venture, Vinomio, together with 3 other partners in Logroño, capital of La Rioja. Vinomio allowed him to participate in the development of many marketing tools for a wide array of Spanish wineries that included new launchings, branding, turn around management, wine tourism and more.

As a result of this he was hired by one of the main clients of the firm to work as Export Manager in the D.O. Utiel Requena in the province of Valencia.

There, he had the chance to approach international markets with a totally different range of products than the ones he sold from Navarra. U.S., Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, and Switzerland turned out to be very good markets for the Mediterranean wines he helped to create and market. Bringing all of these experiences together, wine making, wine marketing, sales management, the vision for Romero & Miller was born. Ramón pioneered the project and most importantly he got the right people together to turn his idea into a beautiful enterprise.