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My mother’s family, of German origin, settled down in Malaga, a costal city in southern, Spain, in the beginning of the 1800s. Almost immediately they created two wineries that made sweet wines, Bodega Scholtz y Adolfo Pries y Cia. Even at this time, they exported these wines from the Malaga shipping port throughout Europe.

My grandmother told me wonderful stories about Malaga when I was small. She talked about the ships, the containers lined up at the port, she spoke about the sweet grapes at harvest time…. To me this vision was a fantastic and magical world.

My story is quite different. I lived in northern, Spain, close to the French border in a very chilly, rainy city called Pamplona. My parents worked as lawyers. At this point our family wineries were no more ever since my family decided to move from the south.

My grandmother’s stories made me fall in love with wine. So therefore instead of continuing in my parent’s footsteps to study law, I returned to my maternal roots and studied Agricultural Engineering and later Enology in Bordeaux, France, around 20 years ago.

The rest has been a passionate life linked to wine. With this profession I have done so many things: I have a been a university professor, worked in many wineries, created my own wine tasting school where professionals and wine buffs learn to taste and love wine. Also, I have promoted Spanish Wine throughout the world, as a guest with the Spanish Trade Commission, and after these many years, one day I met Ramón and Myriam, with whom we’ve created this passionate new wine project called Romero & Miller.